Competition Corner – Christmas Stamp Design 2017

Does your child love to draw?  This year as part of The Royal Mail Design a ‘Christmas Stamp’ competition, children between the ages 4-11 years may create and design a flat drawing (no collages please) using the theme “What does the Christmas season mean to you?”
The children can be as imaginative and the designs as colourful as they wish. They can draw or use a digital package on a computer or tablet. However, the use of ClipArt will not be allowed and drawings from other copied artworks will be disqualified. Also please do not include a drawing of the Queen’s silhouette nor the value (e.g “1st”)  in the design.

Children’s designs should be completed only on the official template available from school or downloaded from the following link  Design template

The 2 lucky Overall Winners  could win up to a £1000 for themselves and £1000 for the School.

Area Winners could receive £500 in vouchers (x22)

Area Runners Up receive £100 in vouchers (x96)

All children’s designs should be returned to school before the 8th March 2017 or returned to the Royal Mail directly before 5pm Friday 17th March 2017. Full postal address is included on the design entry form.