The Ancient Greeks Year 4 Spring 2 Topic Parent Information

Year 4 will learn all about the Ancient Greeks as part of their The Ancient Greeks topic. They will look at all the amazing ideas and inventions that the Ancient Greeks gave to the world and how they lived their everyday lives. They will learn about the country of Greece itself and its climate. They will learn about Greeks gods and myths.

Children will look at Greek artefacts and learn how they were used by the Ancient Greeks and what their lives were like. They will compare life in Athens and Sparta and look at the differences and similarities between them. They will investigate the Ancient Greek Army and the role they played in the Ancient Greek world. They will learn about the role women played at the time and the jobs that they did. They will learn about famous Ancient Greeks and the legacy they left behind and learn what the Ancient Greeks did to amuse themselves.

Children will compare modern and Ancient Greece. They will learn about the geography and the climate of the country. They will then compare Greece to the UK, specifically looking at the differences in the coastal area such as: the coast line itself, climate, jobs, and species of fish, tourism, lifestyle and landscape. They will also look at the geography of the world on a global scale; naming and labelling continents and countries and understanding the meaning of longitude and latitude.

For ICT Year 4 will be gathering information on Ancient Greece and organising it into their very own Wikipedia page.

Children will look at Ancient Greek sculpture and how the human body is proportioned; they will then use this knowledge to draw several sketches of themselves and their friends. They will also look Ancient Greek art on paintings and vases and use various techniques to create their own art in a similar style.

For Design and Technology Year 4 will design, make and evaluate a Greek style sandal.

Children will listen to music inspired by the Trojan War and sing songs based on the theme.

In PE Year 4 will get fit in the style of Ancient Olympians! They will learn the history of the Olympic Games and compete in different games and activities in mini-Olympic events. They will also enjoy playing basketball outside.

Year 4 will also learn about what the Ancient Greeks religious beliefs and the myths and customs associated with them.

We hope your children will thoroughly enjoy this exciting project and we are grateful for the support of our parents. We hope you will be able to have a go at some of our suggested activities together, there are lots of ways the whole family can get involved and have fun and learn together.

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Thank you from the Year 4 team.