Saxon Britain, Year 4 Summer 1 Parent Information

Saxon Britain – Year 4 Summer 1 Topic Parent Information


Year 4 topic Saxon Britain will focus on the changing face of Britain during the decline of the Romans and the Anglo Saxon invasion. They will investigate who the Saxons were; what they did to survive and why they chose Britain to live in.

Children will learn about what happened to Britain when the Romans left and how it changed when the Anglo Saxons arrived. They will compare Britain during the Roman and Saxon periods and look at the similarities and differences between the two. They will learn about evidence left behind by the Anglo Saxons such as the burial grounds at Sutton Hoo.

In Science Year 4 will be learning about food, teeth and the digestive system. They will find out about the journey food takes through the human body and what happens to it, they will be able to name different parts of the digestive system and what they do. Children will also learn about the different teeth that humans have and their jobs. They will learn about the different types of food and what they do for us. They will find out about healthy eating and what makes a balanced diet.

In Computing Year 4 will get the chance to create their very own computer game using code in a special computer coding program designed especially for children.

For Design and Technology Year 4 will design and make their own bread brand. They will design the packaging and think about the ingredients before writing a recipe.

In PE children will be playing cricket and a variety of invasion games. Some children will be taking swimming lessons.

For RE Year 4 will think about the importance of food in religion. They will learn that some foods are not permitted to be eaten in some religions such as; Islam, Sikhism, Hinduism and Judaism and why they cannot be eaten. They will also think about different religious ceremonies, such as fasting for Ramadan or Lent and compare them. They will then think about food in the wider context and what it means to not have any food.

We hope your children will thoroughly enjoy this exciting project and we are grateful for the support of our parents. We hope you will be able to have a go at some of our suggested activities together, there are lots of ways the whole family can get involved and have fun and learn together.

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Thank you from the Year 4 team.