The Ancient Egyptians Year 3 Spring 1 Parent Information

Year 3 will have great fun becoming archaeologists and investigating the Ancient Egyptians for their The Ancient Egyptians topic. They will learn about the Ancient Egyptians gods and beliefs and compare the lives of the pharaohs and the ordinary people. They will look at the location of Egypt and what the country is like. They will investigate hieroglyphs, pyramids, tombs and other ancient artefacts. Children will learn all about different aspects of the Ancient Egyptians way of life, customs and beliefs.

For Geography Year 3 will find out about the country of Egypt and how it was during the time of the pharaohs. They will compare modern Egypt to Ancient Egypt and learn about why the River Nile has always been so important to Egyptians.

In Art children will be using clay and different clay techniques to make canopic jars.

For Design and Technology Year 3 will be using papier mâché to make their own version of Tutankhamun’s death mask.

In Music children will be learning about the different instruments that the Ancient Egyptians played and the traditional types of music listened to in Egypt today.

Children will learn the rules of and play Uni-hoc as part of the Tomb Raiders topic.  They will also choreograph their own Ancient Egyptian inspired dance.

For Computing children will be programming a maze using the Scratch programme.

Year 3 will learn all about the different gods that the Ancient Egyptians believed in and worshipped as part of their RE work. They will learn about the temples of Ancient Egypt and compare them to modern churches.

For Science children will be learning about forces and friction such as magnetism, air resistance, pushes and pulls. They will learn that some of these forces are measured in Newtons and complete various investigations and experiments to find out more about these forces and how they affect the world around us.

We hope your children will thoroughly enjoy this fascinating topic and that you will enjoy learning more about the Ancient Egyptians at home.


Thank you, Year 3 staff.