Year 3 Autumn 2 Early Britain Parent Information

Early Britain – Year 3 Autumn 2 Project

Early Britain takes Year 3 on a virtual journey through the early beginnings of man. Children will learn how our ancient ancestors lived in Great Britain, from the types of houses they lived in to the food they ate and the tools they used.

Year 3 will be learning about rocks and soils for science this half term. They will learn about the different layers that make up our planet from the core to the crust. They will investigate different types of rocks and soils and their properties. They will learn about how fossils are made and how the planet has changed over time creating layers of earth, mountains and volcanos.

In History, children will learn about British prehistory from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age to the Iron Age. They will compare Neolithic hunter-gatherers to early farmers. They will learn about important settlements such as Skara Brae, and the way the inhabitants lived. They will find out about how tools changed through time, how buildings were constructed, how food was prepared and how clothes were made.

For Geography Year 3 will learn about different types of settlements. They will discuss the reasons why some locations are better than others and discuss the reasons our ancestors chose particular locations.

In Computing children will be using a special computer programme to create story boards.

Children will recreate Stone Age art and make their own plaster cast fossils as part of their art work.

Children will plan, build and evaluate a model Stone Age or Iron Age village for design and technology.

For their Time Team topic Year 3 will be learning a variety of Christmas songs in music in preparation for their Christmas performance.

In PE children will be learning different gymnastics skills, focusing on using shape and balance as part of a routine.

For RE children will be exploring what it means to be a pilgrim and to undertake a religious pilgrimage. They will learn about Hajj in Islam and about the journey or Joseph and Mary at the birth of Christ for Christianity.

We hope your children will thoroughly enjoy this exciting project and we are grateful for the support of our parents. We hope you will be able to have a go at some of our suggested activities together, there are lots of ways for the whole family to get involved and have fun and learn together.


Thank you from the Year 3 team.