Year 5 The Viking Age Homework

Year 5 Homework   Autumn 1 – The Viking Age

Remember homework should be your OWN work. Any information from books or the internet needs to be read carefully and put into your own words, NOT just copied (printed pictures may be stuck in). You have 5 weeks to complete this work, your work needs to reflect this, so organise your time sensibly and do a little bit each week.

You may want to tick things off as you do them.


History Vikings

Research an area of Viking  life. For example homes, clothes, food, war, religion, transport.

The best projects will include a selection of different work.

Written work could be information, creative eg a day in the life of a Viking child, instructions eg how to build a longship, an article for a Viking newspaper, a Viking poem maybe.

Also include a selection of drawings, maps, diagrams, photos and, factfiles.


This half term’s new curriculum project is mainly history, so you have just history homework. Later in the year your homework may include Geography and Science as well.


You may of course complete your homework on your computer. Please print out your work and stick it in your purple book.