Year 5 The Viking Age Parent Information

The Viking Age – Year 5 Autumn 1 project

For the first part of the Autumn Term Year 5’s topic will be The Viking Age. The topic will cover many aspects and subject areas including: History, Geography, Science, Computing, PE, Design and Technology, Art, Music and RE.

For History children will be learning about the Vikings and their invasion of the British Isles. They will explore Viking beliefs and customs and the influences and lasting legacies left in Great Britain today. They will look at how their invasion changed Britain and how they interacted with the native people.

Geography will involve taking an in-depth look at Scandinavia, in particular Norway. Children will investigate the landscape (man-made and natural) and the weather and also look at the people and the animals native to the country.

In Science the focus is on sinking and floating and the forces involved. Children will investigate boats and how they are designed.

In Computing children will be designing, making, debugging and evaluating their very own computer game.

For PE children will be trying to improve their fitness levels and play hockey.

In Design and Technology children will have a go at designing and creating their own Viking longships from various materials.

For Art children will be making their own Viking shields and flags using different techniques and sculpting dragons from clay.

In music year 5 will spend the year having specialist music tuition from our visiting music teacher. They will get a chance to play a variety of different instruments, specifically focusing on keyboard skills.

For RE year 5 will learn about the religious beliefs of the Vikings, they will compare Pagan and Christian beliefs and investigate the Viking raids on Lindisfarne and Iona. They will learn about the different reasons the Viking targeted the monasteries and what they gained from their pillaging. They will also look at the different gods and goddesses from Pagan Norse religion.

We hope your children will thoroughly enjoy this exciting project and we are grateful for the support of our parents. We hope you will be able to have a go at some of our suggested activities together, there are lots of ways the whole family can get involved and have fun and learn together.

Thank you from the Year 5 team.

For a copy of the topic homework sheet please click the following link:

Year 5 The Viking Age Homework